I still have hope


I still have hope

June was a difficult month, all around. Between disappointing (and I’d go as far as to say ‘disastrous’) Supreme Court decisions, the news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement, and all the rest, it’s enough to bring anyone down.

But I still have hope — and I’ll tell you why.

Because with an average online contribution of $26, we reached our $600,000 goal to keep powering this campaign. That tells me that not only are you all-in on this race — You’re engaged. You’re involved. You’re still fighting like hell for the soul of this country.

I’m incredibly grateful, and I’m inspired by our grassroots team.

We know America is better than the country we see on the news right now. And as long as we keep fighting for our future, we will come out ahead.

So thank you all for helping us reach this milestone. Thank you for continuing to fight beside me. And thank you for powering this campaign.

With immense gratitude,


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