It’s Flashback Friday: Remember when Ohio hit its lowest uninsured rate ever?


It’s Flashback Friday: Remember when Ohio hit its lowest uninsured rate ever?

Eight years ago today, the Affordable Care Act became law. In honor of that milestone, we’re looking back at the progress the healthcare law made possible, like the time Ohio’s uninsured rate dropped nearly 50% in a three-year period.

For years, Sherrod has been an outspoken advocate for expanding access to healthcare, and thanks in part to his leadership on this issue, Ohio reached its lowest uninsured rate … ever. That’s not just a number. It’s real progress. Hardworking families across the state finally gained access to the quality care they deserve. For them—and for all Americans—we need to keep up the fight for affordable, accessible care for all. – Report: Ohio uninsured rate at its lowest

Anne Saker – February 7, 2017

Key points:

  • The Ohio Medicaid Department dropped its annual assessment of how the program is working. The report found that since Medicaid was expanded under the Affordable Care Act, the rate of all uninsured Ohioans has dropped to the lowest rate ever.

  • The decline in the rate of the uninsured was staggering, compared to 2008 numbers, when 36.1% of the poorest Ohioans had no health insurance.

  • Ohioans who became eligible for coverage through Medicaid expansion also reported that it was easier for them to keep or find work. Most people reported better health and financial security as a result of obtaining coverage.

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