Latinos for Sherrod—meet our co-chairs


Latinos for Sherrod—meet our co-chairs

Today, we’re excited to launch Latinos for Sherrod, a new constituency group focused on Sherrod’s work advocating for the Latino/a/x community.

Meet a few inspiring members of the Latino/a/x community proud to stand with Sherrod:

Monica Cerrezuela

Monica Cerrezuela serves as the Chairwoman of Franklin County Adelante Democrats. She is also the Advocacy and Community Outreach Manager at The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. Her work with the Franklin County Adelante Democrats focuses on ensuring the Latino/a/x community has a voice in local politics.

“Latinos make up only 3% of the population in Ohio, but we want a seat at the table, we want our voices to be heard, and we want elected officials to know the issues that are important to our community,” she said. “We need to support candidates who will advocate on the issues important to Latinos in Ohio—because we know when they advocate on those issues, it will have a reach far beyond our state.”

One of those issues is fair pay—especially for women.

“So often we hear women make 80 cents for every dollar men make,” she said. “But when we break it down by race and ethnicity, the wage gap is even worse for women of color. Latina women make 54 cents on the dollar compared to white men. They have to work a full calendar year and then until November of the next year to make what a white man earns in one year. We know that women are really losing out. We also know that Sherrod is the one who is fighting for us every single day on this issue.”

Calling November “the most pivotal election of our lifetime,” Monica describes Sherrod as the prime example of someone Americans should keep in office.

“Sherrod is our voice in Washington,” she said. “He’s there to represent the people of Ohio. Whether it’s healthcare, Social Security, or wages, it’s all on the line in this election.”

Rep. Dan Ramos

State Representative Dan Ramos has served in Ohio’s 56th district since 2011. He is the longest-serving Latino state elected official in Ohio history and the first person of Puerto Rican descent to ever serve in the Ohio legislature. Rep. Ramos is particularly passionate about this year’s elections in light of the Trump administration’s treatment of the Latino/a/x community.

“The Latino community doesn’t have enough people in Washington standing up and fighting this administration’s efforts to roll back our hard-earned rights,” he said. “That’s really why I care about this U.S. Senate race. Sherrod is fighting for everyone he represents.”

Rep. Ramos is proud to support Sherrod this fall, because, as he puts it, “Sherrod understands that Latino issues are American issues.” He commends Sherrod for his work on voting rights, college affordability, and healthcare, along with his efforts to protect labor unions in communities like Lorain.

“We need to show the world that we belong here, that we’re part of this country, that we have a right to vote,” he said. “We can do that by supporting someone who has our backs. Sherrod stands up for us as Latinos, as working people, and as people with families—to make sure we have our healthcare, our education, and that our kids have the opportunities they deserve. I’m standing up for Sherrod Brown because he’s always stood up for us.”

Anita Lopez

Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez is a longtime Sherrod supporter. The daughter of migrant workers, she is the first woman to serve as the county’s auditor.

“When the auto industry was going down, Sherrod was fighting for workers,” she said. “He understood how the situation would impact our state overall, and how it would change the industry. Job opportunities and unions were a key way for people like my father—a UFCW retiree—to join the middle class. Sherrod has always recognized that.”

As Anita describes it, Sherrod didn’t just “pop up overnight.” He’s spent significant time listening to the Latino/a/x community and advocating for progress on issues ranging from workers’ rights to funding for public education to helping more people achieve the American Dream.

But under the Trump administration, she’s appalled by the hard-earned progress that’s being rolled back.

“We should be offended that people are being denied the opportunity to live the American Dream,” she said. “It’s really heartbreaking for our country. We need people who aren’t afraid to stand up to President Trump or Republican leadership. We need to re-elect Sherrod.”

With so much on the line this fall, Anita is focused on encouraging as many people as possible to make their voices heard at the polls. She’s calling this year’s elections a compadre vote.

“A compadre is someone who may not be in your family, but is a close friend or a neighbor,” she said. “This year we have to reach out to them. Maybe you’re preaching to the choir at home, but you have a compadre who’s sat out the last two elections. We have to reach those people, make sure they support Sherrod, and get this country back on the right path.”

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