A note from a former president


A note from a former president

This week, actor (and Ohio native) Martin Sheen sent a message to Sherrod’s supporters about Sherrod’s long record of fighting for hardworking Ohioans. It’s a great reminder that we need to be doing all we can to defend this Senate seat, and fighting to defend the values we hold as a country.

Read the message below, and then chip in whatever you can before Saturday’s FEC deadline. Your support goes a long way.

Team —

I may not be a real-life President, but there are three things I’ve learned about real-life politics.

First: What’s happening right now in America is not normal. The rhetoric coming from Washington is hateful and in opposition to the values of inclusion and equality America was built on.

Second: To protect the principles we care so deeply about from the extremely partisan atmosphere — like access to health care, a secure retirement, or investments in education or infrastructure — we need to keep good lawmakers in place.

Senator Sherrod Brown is one of those lawmakers. He doesn’t just talk about progressive values; he embodies them. He fights for them. He’s an authentic leader.

Third: We need to step up. Never doubt that a group of concerned citizens, however small, can make a big difference.

I’m asking you to help Sherrod. His FEC deadline is in this week, and he needs to reach $600,000. Can you give $5, $10, or more to help him reach that goal?

I’ve played a lot of roles in my career. A Captain in the Vietnam War. The uncle of a young superhero. A liberal U.S. President battling an opposition Congress.

But in real life, I’m a guy from Ohio. I was born in Dayton. My mom was an Irish immigrant and my dad was a factory worker and machine inspector.

Sherrod is one of those rare lawmakers that lives up to the trust we place in him as an elected official. He puts Ohio families first, last, and always. That’s the guy I want representing my family in the Senate.

Sherrod is facing tough resistance from right-wing special interest groups — the Koch network plans to spend $400 million on the midterm elections. President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence threw their support behind Sherrod’s opponent. If you can, chip in to help Sherrod hit his goal right now.

All the best, and thanks for helping Sherrod.


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