Ohio toss-up


Ohio toss-up

Here in Ohio, we have a special election in just two weeks. Ohio’s 12th congressional district is our last chance to flip a seat from red to blue before November.

Democrat Danny O’Connor is fighting hard against a lot of outside cash — and he’s made some headway. Sabato’s Crystal Ball just moved this race to a toss-up.

These next two weeks will make all the difference in this key race. Danny needs to boost his GOTV efforts — and fast. Can you help us flip this seat by rushing in a contribution right now?

When I said Danny is fighting “a lot” of outside cash, I’m not joking.

The National Republican Congressional Committee already spent almost $600,000 against Danny. The Congressional Leadership Fund spent $2 million attacking him.

A different candidate may have already thrown in the towel, but not Danny. As the other side outspends him, Danny is all-in with a grassroots effort: he and his team are going door-to-door, talking to people about his platform, and asking them for their support.

All his work is paying huge dividends. Danny’s brought this district from deep-red to toss-up. With our help, maybe Danny can bring it all the way to a win.

Help Danny and his team by pitching in whatever you can right now.

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Sherrod's race is a toss-up. Help us build a campaign that can win this critical race and keep Sherrod fighting for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.
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