Meet some incredible Seniors for Sherrod


Meet some incredible Seniors for Sherrod

Today, we’re excited to launch “Seniors for Sherrod,” a constituent group highlighting Sherrod’s work on behalf of our communities’ senior citizens.

Sherrod has a long track record of standing up for Ohio’s seniors: In the Senate, he consistently defends cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, while remaining a strong supporter of affordable, accessible healthcare. Today, he’s fighting to protect Ohioans’ hard-earned pensions and preserve the rights of retirees.

Learn more about Sherrod’s record of leadership on behalf of Ohio’s senior citizens, and meet the “Seniors for Sherrod” co-chairs—Joanne, Joyce, and Norm:

Joanne Limbach

Joanne has an extensive history of community involvement and leadership. A long-time teacher, she was the first woman elected county commissioner in Tuscarawas County, and served as Tax Commissioner for the state of Ohio from 1983 to 1991. She’s also been a member of the New Philadelphia Board of Education, and the former President of Ohio’s AARP chapter.

In her work, she sees pensions and access to healthcare as two of the biggest challenges facing Ohio’s seniors.

“In Ohio, Sherrod has been right on both of those issues,” she said. “When the Affordable Care Act was being debated, I went to public forums across the state. I heard testimony after testimony about people who’d worked hard their entire lives and found themselves without care or financial stability, suddenly confronted with something like diabetes and unable to pay for treatment.”

Joanne commends Sherrod for his work to expand access to healthcare, particularly in rural areas. She encourages seniors to vote for him in November because, in her words, “he understands his constituents.”

“People my age grew up in an era of cooperation and bipartisanship,” she said. “Senator Sherrod Brown understands that. Not only does he stand on the right side of the issues that matter most to Ohio seniors, he is never afraid of crossing the aisle or working with unexpected allies if it means delivering better healthcare, protecting our Social Security, or finding solutions to our pension crisis.”

Joyce Chapple

During Governor Richard Celeste’s administration, Joyce served as the Director of the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA), where it was her job to make sure all Ohioans had access to a secure and healthy retirement. In this position, she advocated for increased funding for vital programs to help citizens live independently and have a better quality of life.

“Issues affecting our country’s senior citizens have not changed dramatically over the past 20 years: We’re looking for security, economic stability, healthcare, transportation, and housing,” she said. “Senator Brown understands that, and has been a reliable, strong advocate of programs put in place to protect seniors.”

Specifically, Sherrod supported the Passport Program, a nationally recognized program the ODA began to enable older citizens to live in their homes (with crucial in-home services) for as long as possible. He was one of the biggest supporters of the ODA’s ongoing efforts to better serve Ohio communities’ senior citizens by expanding access to services to improve retirement and care.

“Much has changed since I left my role with the ODA, but one thing has stayed the same: Sherrod Brown has always been a reliable champion for seniors across our state,” she said. “I was proud to work with him then and I am proud to support his campaign to continue fighting for us in the Senate.”

Norm Wernet

Norm, who has lived in the Columbus area since 1979, worked for a labor union for 27 years before serving as the President of the Ohio Alliance of Retired Americans. He focuses on retirement security and making sure Ohio’s seniors can access the retirement they’ve earned.

“We want to retire with some kind of dignity, and a modicum of respect, and I want to live in my community as long as I possibly can,” he said. “In this country, for most of us, we don’t have a way to finance long-term care, except for Medicaid.”

Norm credits Sherrod for his work in making the Affordable Care Act a reality, expanding Medicaid to millions more Ohioans.

Sherrod is also currently fighting to make sure Ohio retirees can access the pensions they’ve earned, an important issue many senior citizens face.

“I support Sherrod Brown because he’s been an advocate for those of us who retire, for those of who’ve built this economy, and for those of us who want to live a long life with the kind of things we’ve built for ourselves,” he said. “He’s been that advocate.”

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