“Sherrod has always stood by my side.”


“Sherrod has always stood by my side.”

Gayle Channing Tenenbaum has spent decades working tirelessly on behalf of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens. Over the last 46 years, she and Sherrod have worked together to advocate for local, state and federal legislation to improve the lives of many children, youth, and families throughout Ohio and the country.

Currently a consultant on Medicaid coverage for children and youth for the Center for Community Solutions, Gayle has earned many recognitions for her work. Inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 2010, she has also received the Commissioner’s Award from the  Department of Health and Human Services. Gayle served as the Director of Policy and Legislation with Public Children Services Association of Ohio for 30 years.

I’ve dedicated my career to working on issues affecting children, youth, and families, and Senator Sherrod Brown has always stood by my side.

I’ve worked with Sherrod on a range of issues, both when he was a representative and while he’s been a Senator. He’s a strong supporter of programs to help families get ahead. Sherrod spearheaded the creation of CHIP, and he’s been a champion of programs like Home Visiting, which gives pregnant women and families—particularly those considered at-risk—the necessary resources and skills to raise healthy children, and to reduce infant mortality.

He understands that children, youth, and families need quality healthcare. I worked on the Affordable Care Act 24/7 for over a year. It was not an easy lift. Sherrod led on that issue on the federal level as the bill was being designed. Then, when Ohio was working on Medicaid expansion, it was clear he recognized that we had a huge opportunity to be able to provide treatment for people with mental illness and addiction. That law has been so important in helping hundreds of thousands of people across the state get the care they need.

And he’s a leader on issues that aren’t always in the news: He’s worked on helping youth receive services in foster care until they’re 21, instead of finding themselves on their own at 18. He’s led on issues around juvenile justice. He has an incredible record on the Agriculture Committee, which is where programs like SNAP are funded. He leads the way in supporting early childhood education.

The kind of leadership that I have come to expect and know from Sherrod is the exact leadership that we continue to need, for people all throughout Ohio, and quite frankly for the rest of the country. Whether he’s working across the aisle with Senator Portman to address the opioid crisis, fighting to make certain that the children and youth separated from their families receive treatment for the trauma they’ve experienced, or raising his voice for those who have been left behind—or who are simply just struggling to get by—Sherrod stands with all Ohioans.

It is so very important that we re-elect him in November.

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