“Sherrod is always on the side of the patients.”


“Sherrod is always on the side of the patients.”

Dr. John Stechschulte is an ophthalmologist in Columbus. A dedicated physician, he’s committed to making sure his patients have the best care possible—a goal Sherrod shares.

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I am an ophthalmologist—an eye surgeon—and I’ve been practicing for over 30 years in Columbus.

And I am—and have always been—an advocate for my patients, and am happy to serve in medical leadership positions. In doing that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Senator Brown and his staff, and talk to them about the ways we can improve our ability to care for our patients.

Right now, we face issues in ensuring our patients get the best quality care—because of the federal government’s efforts to weaken our healthcare system, because of increased regulation, and other changes in the industry. And when I bring up those problems, Sherrod always listens.

He’s taken on a leadership role in addressing the issues patients are facing. He’s an early adapter and a quick responder in helping physicians like me with the problems we encounter in caring for our patients. He’s responsive, he’s understanding, and he genuinely cares about what patients are going through.

One of the things I’m most impressed with is his willingness to work across the aisle. Recently, he worked with other leaders to make sure our doctors have access to compounded medicines, urging the FDA to rethink its restrictive “beyond use” packaging policies. In other words, he helped us maintain access to medications that we need to properly care for patients. And that helps us save money in the long run, too.

He also worked on ensuring Medicare Advantage plans maintain their network, so physicians can’t be dropped from a plan within the year while the patient is still being covered. Before, these plans were changing networks throughout the year, disrupting patients’ ability to have continuity of care. Sherrod introduced efforts to prevent insurance companies from taking those actions.

Bottom line: Sherrod is always on the side of the patients. The fact that he takes the time to meet with us every year is a testament to that. I know he’s working hard day-in and day-out to make sure that all Ohioans are able to get the kind of care they deserve, and I’m looking forward to supporting him in November.