Students for Sherrod – Meet Madison


Students for Sherrod – Meet Madison

Name: Madison N.

School: Kent State University

Hometown: Richfield, Ohio

Major: Political Science, History, and Pre-law

What does college affordability mean to you? Affordable college looks like an opportunity for any person from any income background to finance college and have it paid off in 5 years, like a car, rather than the debt following them several decades into their careers.

What do you see as the biggest issues students face right now? Students are facing a multitude of socioeconomic issues, especially low-income students, students of color, and immigrants on our campuses. When you compound these social issues with the cost of living, tuition, car and insurance payments, phone bills, and necessities, you will see that many students are in a constant paycheck to paycheck cycle, maxing out credit cards until their checks deposit, and fearful of their safety and status in this country. Financial and social stress only negatively impact a student’s performance in school.

Why are you excited to vote for Sherrod this fall? Ohio has been lucky to have Senator Brown on the front lines of issues we care about, such as championing low and middle-class Ohioans, fighting for access to affordable healthcare, and ensuring that every person gets his or her fair share. He represents the heartland of this country, reaching anyone from millennials to our oldest generation.

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Sherrod's race is a toss-up. Help us build a campaign that can win this critical race and keep Sherrod fighting for Ohio in the U.S. Senate.
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