Students for Sherrod – Meet Anthony


Students for Sherrod – Meet Anthony

Name: Anthony E.

School: Ohio University

Hometown: Lorain, OH

Major: Political Science and Strategic Communication

What does college affordability mean to you? It means doing whatever we can to limit the debt students are currently facing. Even 30 years ago, it wasn’t this expensive to gain a college degree.

What do you see as the biggest issues students face right now? Right now, debt is a huge burden for many college students. In general, our political climate is a major issue, but our generation has a unique opportunity to fix it. I think we’re better communicators than previous generations. That’s what it comes down to: working together. Climate change is also huge for students. At OU, we partner with NextGen Climate and the Sierra Club whenever we can.

Why are you excited to vote for Sherrod this fall? My dad was a strong union worker—he was an air traffic controller. He always taught me to look out for the working man and unions. He’s the reason I’m into politics. Sherrod has always been for working people—whether that was as my representative in my district or now, as my Senator. The Democratic party has always fought for workers, and Senator Sherrod Brown is leading that fight.

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