Students for Sherrod – Meet Bailey


Students for Sherrod – Meet Bailey

Name: Bailey W.

School: Ohio University

Major: Economics

What does college affordability mean to you? College affordability means helping all students get ahead, without going into massive debt while doing so. I’m a first-generation college student: my mom is a nurse, and my dad is a union electrician. Neither of them have college educations.

What do you see as the biggest issues students face right now? We need to lower college costs, especially in Ohio. Sherrod has been a big advocate when it comes to lowering the cost of college and making it more affordable. And he’s been critical of Betsy DeVos’ efforts to eliminate student loan relief.

Voting rights and gun safety are also two really big issues for us. Sherrod wants to make it easier to vote, while also making sure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Healthcare is, of course, on the ballot. If Republicans get another 2 years to do what they want on healthcare, they’ll probably dismantle the Affordable Care Act even further.

Why are you excited to vote for Sherrod this fall? In Ohio, your vote truly matters. We’re going to have competitive statehouse races, Governor’s race, Senate race, and competitive down-ballot races. Your vote is very important when it comes to these races. We should take it seriously. Sherrod has always done the best he can for jobs in Ohio. He stays focused. He’s a dedicated public servant to the people of this state.

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