The final debate.


The final debate.

Team —

I just stepped off the debate stage one last time.

All three debates demonstrated one thing: There is a clear contrast in this race. While I’m fighting like hell for Ohioans, my opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci, is only looking out for himself.

Tonight — and throughout his campaign — Renacci has talked repeatedly about how he hates Washington. That’s because he went to Washington for all the wrong reasons: to stack the deck for those at the top — billionaires and millionaires like himself.

I went to Congress to fight for Ohio.

That’s what I’m doing every day in the Senate. I’m fighting for affordable healthcare and higher wages, for Medicare and Social Security and pensions. Because when you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.

I’m so proud of the grassroots movement we’ve built — powered by everyday Ohioans, not the wealthiest 1% or the special interests. Together, we’ll finish this race strong.

With gratitude,


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