The journey of your $26


The journey of your $26

You’ve probably heard a lot in the past few days about the Supreme Court’s impending vacancy, and how your contributions can make a difference.

The connection there can be pretty vague, sometimes. So we wanted to draw a line from a $26 contribution, to the Senate, to the Supreme Court.

When you make a contribution, whatever the amount, it goes directly to the campaign. It lands in our bank account and gets combined with the contributions from thousands of others.

And when we say “thousands,” we’re not exaggerating. Our first FEC fundraising quarter report of the Election Year contained over 8,800 pages of contributions.

So now your $26 is part of a larger fund, which we use to run this campaign. We produce ads and buy airtime for them. We buy spots on Facebook, YouTube, and Google Search. We pay rent on offices and salaries for staff. We buy food and equipment for volunteers. We put on events and have yard signs made. All those supplies help counter the attacks from the other side, spread Sherrod’s message to Ohioans, get voters to the polls, and ultimately keep Sherrod in office.

Sherrod goes to Washington and fights like hell for all of us, our families, and the priorities we all care about. One of those priorities is making sure whoever President Trump picks to replace Justice Kennedy isn’t some anti-women’s rights, anti-worker, anti-campaign finance reform ideologue who’ll camp out in that seat for half a century, dragging the Court to the right the entire time.

The Senate has the constitutional duty to advise and consent on Supreme Court nominees. So Sherrod will be facing that battle for us—all because you helped keep him in the Senate with your contribution.

So when we say “your contributions are important,” that’s not some vague statement. We’re not flattering you. We really mean it. And in the final four months of this campaign, every single dollar we can bring in will go straight out the door.

Help us get July off to a good start. Whether you can match our average online contribution of $26, or chip in $5 or even $3, give what you can.

Without dedicated supporters like you leading the way, we couldn’t run the campaign we’re running right now. And that’s just the honest truth.

Thank you for making all of this possible.

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