There is dignity in work


There is dignity in work

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance.”
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Over the last few days, we celebrated and honored the dedicated working men and women who made America the prosperous country we are today. Protecting workers’ rights isn’t a battle that’s behind us—not by a long shot.

We have to change that, because if you love this country, you fight like hell for the people who make it work. And I mean all workers—whether he punches a clock or she works in a diner. Whether they work behind a desk or on a factory floor or in an operating room.

That’s why I was honored to attend the Lorain County Organized Labor’s Annual Labor Day Celebration.

And yesterday, it was great to spend time with so many people at the Labor Day parade in Cleveland.

This weekend was a powerful reminder of the work that needs to be done for American workers. The critical work that needs to be done so that anyone—regardless of their zip code or economic status—has the opportunity to succeed.

While I’m in the Senate, workers in Ohio and all over the country have an unapologetic and outspoken champion. I hope you’ll continue fighting with me to make sure I can continue to represent you in 2018.

With gratitude,


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