This week on the campaign: Here’s what you may have missed


This week on the campaign: Here’s what you may have missed

With less than five months to go until Election Day, things are more than a little busy here on Team Sherrod. In case you missed any updates, here’s a quick rundown on what this team was up to this week:

On Thursday, we were so excited to launch LGBTQ Community for Sherrod. Sherrod has always stood with LGBTQ families—long before it was politically popular. This new constituency group brings together a coalition of activists and advocates fighting for justice, representation, and equity for Ohioans of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

At this week’s packed launch event, supporters Tayo and Rep. Nickie Antonio spoke about Sherrod’s longtime advocacy for the LGBTQ community, and why it’s so important that we stand with him this November.

So many supporters—like Stella, Dan, and Melissa—shared why they’re proud to vote for Sherrod this fall. Tayo and his family are, too. Here’s more on their incredible story:

Sherrod stands with all Ohio families, whether he’s pushing for equality in the workplace or fighting to expand the right to vote. This week, in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision on voter purging, Sherrod introduced a bill to stop this harmful practice.

It’s just another reminder of why we need Sherrod in office, where he fights every day against the GOP’s efforts to limit the right to vote, speaks out about this administration’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act, and pushes for legislation that evens the playing field, rather than allowing the wealthiest 1% to pocket millions at the expense of everyone else.

For these—and for so many reasons (there are 26 right here)—we need to keep the momentum on our side going into November. That’s why our upcoming FEC deadline is so important. One average online contribution of $26 at a time, we’re working hard to make sure Sherrod has the resources he needs to win this race. Plus, right now, if you give $5 or more before our rapidly-approaching fundraising deadline, you’ll be entered to win Sherrod’s voice on your outgoing voicemail message. Don’t miss out!

This movement is strong because of the support of people like you. Thank you for all you’re doing.

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