Three Sherrod stories that will make you smile


Three Sherrod stories that will make you smile

Sherrod looks out for hardworking Ohioans every single day.

Here are just a few times he’s gone the extra mile to make sure all those he represents are valued and heard:

1. “Constant calls, handwritten notes keep Democrat Sherrod Brown in touch with Ohioans”

“Sherrod Brown likes to make phone calls and scribble notes. To longtime friends and one-time foes. While being driven from one event to another. Just about anywhere a phone works.”

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2. From the Archives: Sherrod stands up for all Ohioans (and pets are no exception)”

“A few years ago, when Sherrod found out that dangerous, foreign treats were getting thousands of dogs sick, he took action—because all our friends should be safe from tainted products.”

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3. “Why I Wear an American-Made Suit”

“I buy my suits from the union factory ten minutes from my house, in Cleveland.

My family drives cars made here in Ohio. Even the canary pin I wear on my lapel was made in the Buckeye state.

When I talk about supporting American workers and manufacturers, it’s not a political gimmick. It’s what I believe is right.”

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