Toledo Blade Editorial: Sherrod Brown’s patriotic plan


Toledo Blade Editorial: Sherrod Brown’s patriotic plan

In the Senate, Sherrod stands up for American workers every single day.

His latest proposal—the “American Cars, American Jobs Act”—is just the latest example of his work to level the playing field, while helping hardworking people get ahead.

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Toledo Blade Editorial: Sherrod Brown’s patriotic plan

Editorial Board – August 11, 2018

Key points:

  • Mr. Brown’s bill, the “American Cars, American Jobs Act,” has two components: First, it would provide a $3,500-per-car reimbursement to the buyers of American-made cars. Second, it would revoke a tax cut on profits earned on vehicles whose production has been moved overseas.

  • $3,500 is a lot of money, per buyer, and that figure might have to be reduced to $1,000 or $500, or turned into a tax credit as was done to encourage purchase of hybrid and electric cars under President Barack Obama, to gain widespread congressional support. But Mr. Brown should try, and try hard, to build a coalition around this proposal. Press conferences alone will not save or create jobs in our country.

  • Under the proposal, at least 70 cars, including all those made in Ohio, would qualify. Cars would be eligible if 45 percent of the content is made in the U.S. or Canada and final assembly of the vehicle is done in the U.S.

  • Mr. Brown, who is running for re-election, says he became upset that General Motors plans to build the new Chevy Blazer in Mexico while it has eliminated the second shift on Chevy Cruzes built at GM’s plant in Lordstown, Ohio. He’s right to be upset.

  • Exporting good U.S. jobs to underpaid citizens of Mexico is GM’s prerogative, but it shouldn’t be done with a tax incentive from the U.S. government.

  • America needs a robust manufacturing sector, not only to remain an economic giant, but as a matter of national security. And we know from the near economic disaster of 2008, that cars and steel are the backbone of the manufacturing sector.

  • A modest incentive to “buy U.S.A.” cannot hurt. Rewarding consumers who support American manufacturing is patriotic and good public policy.

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