Tonight’s debate in 7 tweets


Tonight’s debate in 7 tweets

Tonight, Sherrod took the stage for the first debate of the Ohio Senate race, facing off with his opponent, multi-millionaire Congressman Jim Renacci.

Here were the main takeaways from the night—as told in tweets:

Even before the debate began, supporters were excited to hear from Sherrod.

The debate clearly showed that Sherrod fights for all Ohioans—including the five million with pre-existing conditions.

Meanwhile, Renacci wants to cut funding for programs that people across the state depend on.

And while Sherrod is standing up for Ohio students, it’s safe to say Renacci is not.

Just like how Sherrod fights back against unfair trade deals, while Renacci supports them.

Tonight’s debate reminded us that Sherrod fights for hardworking Ohioans. He always has—and he always will.

This about sums up the debate:

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