What it’s like to be on Team Sherrod


What it’s like to be on Team Sherrod

Hi! My name is Mycheala and I am an intern on Sherrod’s campaign.

From my very first day as an intern on the campaign, everyone welcomed me as a member of the team. I hit the ground running, working on various exciting projects and programs aimed at supporting Senator Brown. A win for our team in November will go a long way in ensuring our state is a place where our values—like fairness and equality—are a reality.

As an intern, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with several events in support of Senator Brown. In May, we launched Women for Sherrod, a group focused on the Senator’s record of standing up for women and equality. This was the first ever campaign launch that I had attended and it was amazing to see the incredible support for Senator Brown. Women traveled across Ohio to be at the event in Columbus, and some even spent their lunch breaks showing their support for Senator Brown. It was extremely inspiring.

Senator Brown and me at the “Women for Sherrod Brown” Launch in May 2018.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty and me at the “Women for Sherrod Brown” Launch—May 2018

I also attended the African Americans for Sherrod launch event in Cleveland, OH. The excitement was palpable and room was nearly filled to capacity! The best part of this event, in my opinion, was the support that Senator Brown gave to each of the local and statewide candidates. He highlighted the importance of voting and supporting all Democrats in Ohio who will continue to fight to protect our rights and values.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge and me at the “African Americans for Sherrod Brown” Launch—June 2018

More recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event for Senator Brown in Cleveland, Ohio hosted by the Cuyahoga Democratic Party, Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus, Cuyahoga Young Democrats, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats and the Northeast Ohio Young Black Democrats. This event was especially exciting because Vice President Joe Biden was the featured special guest! Standing in awe, just 5 feet away from Vice President Biden, was an unimaginable opportunity that I would not have gotten if it were not for my position as an intern.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Brown in Cleveland, OH

Gabrielle Jackson, Deputy Political Director of Northern Ohio in Cleveland, OH

Nothing amounts to the feeling of pride that I have every day knowing I am working to support one of the greatest and most genuine leaders that we have in the State of Ohio. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to support Senator Brown in his re-election and I could not imagine working with a better team to achieve that goal with!

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