Why I wear a canary pin


Why I wear a canary pin

I’ve told you before about the pin I wear on my lapel — a yellow canary in a cage.

It’s more than an accessory to me. Miners used to bring canaries into the mines to check for dangerous levels of gas. If the canary died, they knew to get out of the mine. Back then, there were no formal protections for those workers. So they banded together to fight for the right to collectively bargain.

A steelworker from Local 1104 gave me the canary pin at a Workers’ Memorial Day rally in Lorain, Ohio. It’s been years since I got it, but I’ve worn it ever since. It reminds of every hardworking man and woman in America, the families they support, and how critical it is for me and for this grassroots team to keep fighting for each of them.

The canary pin is an important symbol for me — and to this campaign.

These next few weeks won’t be easy. Polls are getting closer — and we’re seeing the closest numbers of the race so far.

But we’ve also got one of the strongest grassroots teams in the country.

Thank you for all you’re doing. Let’s finish strong.

With gratitude,


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