Why I wear an American-made suit


Why I wear an American-made suit

President Trump Talks ‘America First,’
But Sherrod Brown Wears It

— Time; 7/11/2018

I buy my suits from the union factory ten minutes from my house, in Cleveland.

My family drives cars made here in Ohio. Even the canary pin I wear on my lapel was made in the Buckeye state.

When I talk about supporting American workers and manufacturers, it’s not a political gimmick. It’s what I believe is right. I do everything I can to follow up my words with action — both in Congress and in my day-to-day life.

And with all the turmoil in politics, we need to stay focused on fighting like hell for the American people.

I’m personally asking for you to contribute to my re-election campaign. Our July goal is $650,000. I know that sounds big, but it’s not out of reach. And with new attacks coming in and my opponent closing in on the polls, we need to reach this goal to win this fall.

We need voices fighting for our interests. It’s why I fight like hell for American workers every day in the Senate and it’s why I wear an American-made suit. One of the real joys of this job was the day I walked into the plant where I have had a real role in keeping these people employed.

It’s our job to make sure no one is left behind or forgotten — whether she punches a clock, or whether he works in a diner. That’s why we need to reach as many voters as we can, get our message out in Ohio, and make sure Team Sherrod comes out ahead in November. As long as we all stick together, we will be successful.

I’m proud to be fighting alongside hardworking families, but I need your help reaching this $650,000 goal. Your support is critical to our campaign gaining the resources we need to win. Give $5, $10, or maybe match our average online contribution of $26.

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