Worn out shoes, a suit, and a canary pin


Worn out shoes, a suit, and a canary pin

Over the weekend, actor, director, and activist Sean Astin sent a message to Sherrod’s supporters about why he’ll be supporting Sherrod in November—and why you should, too.

Read it below, and then show your support for Sherrod by pitching in whatever you can.

I love the meaning behind Sherrod Brown’s canary pin.

A steelworker in Lorain, Ohio gave him the pin at a Memorial Day rally to symbolize the progress we’ve made in workers’ rights and safety since the days where workers lacked basic protections and brought canaries into mines. But it also symbolizes the work that remains to be done…and for me, this is personal.

My mom, Patty Duke, was the president of a labor union, The Screen Actors Guild. My family cares deeply about the health and safety of workers everywhere, a tradition I’m pleased to carry on and work toward.

My mother worked tirelessly to advocate on behalf of working families and she was a foot soldier in an army of people who were determined to reshape the way mental illness is understood in America.

She’s not here to lead those fights anymore. But I am thankful that Sherrod is.

Sherrod’s up for re-election this year and has a critical FEC deadline approaching. If we want to keep him in the Senate, we all need to step up and give $5, $10, or match his average online contribution of $26.

Millions of families and households have a loved one who has a mental health disorder or is struggling to afford their medications.

Millions of families are worried about whether or not they have enough saved up for retirement and whether their pensions will be there for them.

These are the conversations happening around dining room tables and living rooms across Ohio and across the country.

Sherrod knows that. And when he takes to the Senate floor, he wears a canary pin as a reminder to the country that our Congress has one purpose: to serve our families.

I want to make sure that the Senator from the Buckeye State with a canary pin on his lapel is here to stay.

Match Sherrod’s average online contribution of $26 or give whatever you can so we can make that happen.

Thank you,


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