Students for Sherrod – Meet Bailey


Name: Bailey W. School: Ohio University Major: Economics What does college affordability mean to you? College affordability means helping all students get ahead, without going into massive debt while doing so. I’m a first-generation college student: my mom is a nurse, and my dad is a union electrician. Neither of them have college educations. What […]

Name: Clancy T. School: Ohio University Major: History What does college affordability mean to you? Just having the resources to go to college. It’s a huge problem right now. My dad is a teacher in Cleveland. At my high school—90-something percent of us go to college. My dad’s school, less than 15 miles away, fewer […]

Sherrod is proud to stand with students. Every day in the Senate, he fights to make college affordable and accessible. And he pushes for policies— for loan relief, for a fairer healthcare system, for an economy that supports workers—that will help students get ahead once they graduate. Meet some of the students excited to stand […]

GOP leaders continue to claim that everyone is sharing in economic growth, but for workers, that’s just not true. Get the numbers below, and then show your support for Sherrod, who fights every day for policies that actually help workers get ahead—not just in name only: Bloomberg: Why Americans Are Making Less Money Despite Trump’s […]

Today’s Students for Sherrod launch was nothing short of inspiring. This year’s going to be different—because of your generation. Here’s what I’m asking you to do: Volunteer, knock doors, and talk about issues with your classmates. Think about five people you know and get them involved on the campaign. That’s how we win in November.    

Judge Michael Donnelly has dedicated his career to serving his community, working to make Ohio’s courts fairer, more efficient, and more accountable. I know that Judge Donnelly will continue that service from our state’s highest bench, which is why I am proud to endorse him for the Ohio Supreme Court. Judge Melody Stewart has over […]

Reports are confirming what Ohioans already know: Medicaid expansion is working. The latest numbers demonstrate that expanding Medicaid has driven Ohio’s uninsured rate down—while helping people get the care they need and avoid other life-altering issues like medical debt. As Sherrod says, we need to defend the progress we’ve made in helping Americans get healthcare, […]

As you may have heard, President Trump is in Ohio today. While he’s having dinner with donors, we’re focused on kitchen-table issues Ohioans care about: Like the GOP’s tax scam, which is currently lining the pockets of the wealthiest 1% while failing to help hardworking families. Or education. Congressman Renacci supports Secretary of Education DeVos, […]