FACT CHECK: Once Again, Josh Mandel Insinuates That Sherrod Is Un-American


“Mandel has largely ignored basic duties of the treasurer” (Toledo Blade)

“he has spent much of his time outside Ohio, raising millions of dollars in special interest money.” (Youngstown Vindicator)

“He recklessly put friends and supporters without experience into top positions” (Athens News)

“an Ill-prepared candidate” (Akron Beacon Journal)

“He’s simply not ready for the Senate” (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Josh Mandel. A politician you can’t trust.

Facing a slew of bad polls and even worse headlines, Josh Mandel has lost his cool on a member of the Ohio media for the third time in two weeks. This morning it was the Canton-based Ron Ponder Show where Mandel accused the host of shilling for Sherrod Brown, refused to answer simple and legitimate questions about his decision to hire unqualified political cronies, and got so irritable that the host actually ended the interview.

The Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign released a new ad today, “Don’t Believe,” featuring Ohio workers admonishing false attacks on Sherrod by Josh Mandel and his special interest friends, praising Sherrod’s leadership on the auto rescue and China currency and denouncing Josh Mandel for opposing the auto rescue and Sherrod’s efforts to protect American workers by making China play fair.