Senator Sherrod Brown Statement Applauding Announcement That Democrats Will Update Party Platform To Include A Reference To Jerusalem Being The Capital Of Israel


The Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign today released a new ad, “Protecting Ohio Jobs,” that highlights Sherrod’s work to protect Ohio jobs from cheating China and his bipartisan jobs bill to crack down on China for unfairly manipulating its currency, a practice that’s hurting our middle class and costing us jobs.

Friends of Sherrod Brown spokeswoman Sadie Weiner released the following comment after Mandel implied that Sherrod Brown attacked Mandel’s military service: “During the course of the campaign Sherrod Brown has made clear that he respects Josh Mandel’s service to our country, just as he respects the service of all men and women who serve in our military. It is disappointing that Josh Mandel has chosen to completely fabricate something that has never occurred to attempt to score political points, especially on a topic like this. As papers across Ohio have continually pointed out, Josh Mandel does not seem to think the truth is something that limits how he carries himself during this campaign. This is just the latest instance of Mandel proving he’s a politician who can’t be trusted.”

“As Congressman Paul Ryan takes the stage tonight for the first time as the Republican Party’s nominee for vice president, I urge him to use this opportunity to call for an immediate vote in the House of Representatives on my bipartisan jobs bill that cracks down on China for unfairly manipulating its currency. Chinese currency manipulation is hurting Ohio’s middle class and costing us thousands upon thousands of jobs – that’s why I’m proud that my bill has already passed the senate with the support of Republicans like my colleague Sen. Rob Portman.

Josh Mandel says in his TV ad that he’ll stand up for Ohio.

But can Ohio really trust Josh Mandel?

He can’t be trusted to stand up to China.

Mandel stands with companies that outsource our jobs to China and opposes
making them pay tariffs for breaking trade rules. (PD, 8/26)

And Mandel can’t be trusted to stand up for Ohio’s auto industry.

He says he was against the auto rescue package (CD, 8/25), even though over 800,000 Ohioans work in the auto industry.

Josh Mandel can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs.