Josh Mandel’s New Ad Argues For Change, But What Kind Of Change Would Mandel Offer?


Today the Sherrod Brown campaign released a new web video featuring Lilly Ledbetter, confirming Senator Sherrod Brown’s dedication to fighting for equal pay in Ohio and nationwide.

At the recent Rural Community Assistance Program conference in Columbus, Sherrod Brown was named the “Rural Champion of the Year.” The award highlights Sherrod’s rural development accomplishments as Senator. One of his most prominent successes was his fight to pass the Farm Bill, and the amendment he wrote to the bill that was ultimately included in its passage.

On August 26 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed and it declared that no one be denied the right to vote based on their gender. It had been over seventy years in the making. Since 1848 at the Seneca Falls Convention, women across the country demanded a voice in their government. They were tired of being told they weren’t smart enough to vote or that they didn’t need to because their husbands, brothers and fathers could decide for them. They had enough of being treated unfairly and stood up to do something about it.

“There is no greater friend to Ohio’s small business owners and business leaders than Senator Sherrod Brown,” said Kabel. “He supported The Small Businesses Jobs Act and is helping Ohio small businesses export their products. Sherrod fights every single day in the Senate to expand Ohio’s middle class, and I am honored to support him and committed to ensuring his voice remains as loud as ever.”