August Attack: Six Secretly Funded Outside Groups Launch Ads Against Sherrod With Five Running Simultaneously As Third Party Spending Hits $15.2 Million In Effort To Keep Josh Mandel Afloat


Secretly funded third party groups have launched an all out attack against Sherrod Brown in the month of August, with six different groups attacking Sherrod including five different groups running ads simultaneously to lie about his record and keep Josh Mandel’s campaign afloat.

“For as long as he has served in elected office, Sherrod Brown has been a leader in fighting for First Responders and the communities we serve,” said McDonald. “Sherrod stood shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement and other public employees during the fight against Senate Bill 5. Just like we don’t turn our backs on our communities, he didn’t turn his back on us during the fight of our lives. That’s why we’re standing with him in the fight of his life.”

“With Josh Mandel’s campaign floundering, it’s no surprise that Karl Rove is back with more secretly funded attack ads, raising the total spent by outside groups against Sherrod to $13 million as they lie about his record and attempt to convince Ohioans that Josh Mandel is anything other than a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for the Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign.

Sherrod spoke to a group of the strikers on Saturday, pledging to stand with them, and encouraging bipartisanship in resolving the strike. “They don’t need to go after worker rights or women’s rights. We all need to work across party lines to do things right,” he said. “This is about a communities safety, and workers safety.”

With a heavy heart, we are once again reminded of the realities that face the cultures that make up the fabric of the American dream. Evil like this must be met with the swiftest of justice, and while the perpetrator of this particular incident was brought down by the heroic police officers at the scene, we must continue standing up against those who seek to push their message of hate and intolerance. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

“In between supporting our Team USA athletes during the Olympics tonight, Ohioans will see Sherrod Brown standing next to the best selling Chevy Cruze, a car that thanks to Sherrod’s support of the auto rescue is assembled right here in Lordstown, Ohio. Sherrod’s proud of the Chevy Cruze and the nearly 850,000 industry related Ohio jobs that his support of the auto rescue helped protect. There’s absolutely no truth to the Mandel campaign’s lie that our ad was pulled, and if Josh Mandel had it his way, it’s possible cars like the Cruze would be made entirely in Europe.”