Editorial Board Endorses Sherrod For His ‘Tireless Work Ethic,’ ‘Advocacy For Middle Class’

News Editorial Board Endorses Sherrod For His ‘Tireless Work Ethic,’ ‘Advocacy For Middle Class’

The editorial board has endorsed Sherrod for re-election, citing his “tireless work ethic,” “concern for the little guy,” and “connection to Ohio.” The board also praised Sherrod’s advocacy for Ohio’s middle-class and his strong relationship with Republican Senator Rob Portman.

Today’s endorsement is the second major newspaper endorsement Sherrod has picked up in recent weeks, following the Columbus Dispatch’s endorsement. Editorial Endorsement: Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate

Editorial Board – October 10, 2018

Key Points:

  • When it comes to political timing, Sherrod Brown seems to have been born under a lucky star. But he has buttressed that political good fortune with a tireless work ethic and astute political instincts, a tough combination to beat.
  • There is no mystery as to why Brown, who is generally acknowledged as one of the most liberal members of the Senate, keeps on winning statewide elections in conservative-leaning Ohio: He constantly burnishes his rumpled Everyman image; he exudes concern for the little guy; and despite the fact that he has spent the last 24 years in Washington, D.C., he steadfastly maintains his connection to Ohio and support for its issues.
  • In the Senate, Brown maintains a good relationship and works well with the state’s other senator, Republican Rob Portman, particularly on issues regarding the Great Lakes. And his longtime advocacy for middle-class voters and factory workers is yielding new political benefits, with Brown’s criticism of trade deals like NAFTA finally finding a champion, ironically, in President Trump.
  • Brown also is the first Ohio senator in 40 years to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee, helping expand his base of support in Ohio. He now sits on the House-Senate conference committee on the Farm Bill, to reconcile the more bipartisan Senate version with the House version, with its cuts to food assistance programs, that passed with only Republican votes.
  • Brown says that when considering legislation he always tries to enlist a Republican senator who will support it.
  • “It’s who you fight for and what you fight against,” he told our editorial board during his endorsement interview. “I don’t ever compromise on civil rights, I’ll never compromise on women’s rights. (But on other issues) you find a way to compromise.”
  • Sherrod Brown has served Ohio well in his two terms in the Senate. Its voters should return him to Washington for a third.

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