Friends of Sherrod Brown Releases New Ad: “Our Friends”


Friends of Sherrod Brown Releases New Ad: “Our Friends”

COLUMBUS — Friends of Sherrod Brown today released a new ad, “Our Friends,” which highlights Sherrod’s work on behalf of Ohio pets and their owners. When unsafe dog treats from China threatened Ohio pets, Sherrod took the lead to protect animals and get the dog treats removed from shelves. Sherrod’s own rescue dog, Franklin, appears in the ad.


SHERROD: I’m Sherrod Brown and this is Franklin. Six years ago we got a letter about something we needed to address.

DR. SOINSKI: Across Ohio and nationwide, tainted Chinese dog treats were poisoning and killing pets.

SHERROD: Thousands of dogs were getting sick. We got to work to stop it.

DR. SOINSKI: Sherrod Brown took the lead. He fought to protect the animals and make sure the dog treats were taken off the shelves.

SHERROD: All our friends should be safe from tainted products, that’s why we approve this message.


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