Mayor Kapszukiewicz For The Toledo Blade: Sherrod Brown Will Fight For Toledoans


Mayor Kapszukiewicz For The Toledo Blade: Sherrod Brown Will Fight For Toledoans

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz today praised Sherrod’s ability to reach across the aisle on behalf of Toledoans and all Ohioans in an op-ed for the Toledo Blade. Mayor Kapszukiewicz noted that Sherrod’s bipartisan approach has benefited Ohio workers and manufacturers, the Great Lakes, and Ohio communities — like Toledo — who are fighting the opioid epidemic on multiple fronts.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz For The Toledo Blade: Sherrod Brown will fight for Toledoans

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz – August 11, 2018

Key Points: 

  • As Toledo looks toward the upcoming election, it is important we elect representatives who can deliver for Toledo, stand up to the President when necessary, but also work with the President when it is the right thing for Ohio.
  • I often hear from Toledoans who are concerned that national leadership is working against our interests. I tell them our federal government is challenging but also that in Sherrod Brown we have an advocate in the Senate who will work with anyone to fight for Toledo and our state. He has the ability to work with Democrats and Republicans to solve problems and to put Ohio first.
  • Immediately after the 2016 election, Sen. Brown sent President-elect Trump a detailed letter that laid out the ways they could work together to level the playing field for workers left behind by decades of unfair trade policies.
  • I know Sen. Brown is proud to work with the current administration, with President Trump, and with Ohioan Bob Lighthizer, our U.S. Trade Representative, to create better trade policies for those workers. Sherrod is ready to work with the President to improve our trade agreements to protect Ohio manufacturing jobs while also assuring that Ohio jobs that depend on trade can continue to grow.
  • Senator Brown came together with Republicans and Democrats to pass legislation to fight the opioid epidemic, keep our first-responders safe, and make sure our veterans can get the care they need — key priorities for our state. Like all of Ohio, the city of Toledo is fighting the opioid epidemic on multiple fronts and we have had broad support from representatives in both parties.
  • Toledoans remember the August, 2014, do-not-drink water advisory. When President Trump tried to slash the budget for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which creates jobs in Ohio and keeps communities like Toledo safe and healthy, Sen. Brown worked with Sen. Rob Portman to make sure the program was fully-funded.
  • The duty of our U.S. Senators is to the people of Ohio and I know Sen. Brown takes that duty very seriously. Ohioans don’t care whether a person has a D or an R next to his or her name. Instead, they care more that the job gets done. I know Sen. Brown will continue to fight to deliver the results Toledoans and all Ohioans deserve.

Read the full op-ed here

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