New TV Ad: “Pants on Fire”

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The Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign released a new ad today, “Pants on Fire,” which highlights Josh Mandel’s well-documented history of distorting his own record, lying about Sherrod and sinking to new depths in political dishonesty by consistently repeating false statements even after they’ve been debunked.

“As Congressman Paul Ryan takes the stage tonight for the first time as the Republican Party’s nominee for vice president, I urge him to use this opportunity to call for an immediate vote in the House of Representatives on my bipartisan jobs bill that cracks down on China for unfairly manipulating its currency. Chinese currency manipulation is hurting Ohio’s middle class and costing us thousands upon thousands of jobs – that’s why I’m proud that my bill has already passed the senate with the support of Republicans like my colleague Sen. Rob Portman.

Today the Sherrod Brown campaign released a new web video featuring Lilly Ledbetter, confirming Senator Sherrod Brown’s dedication to fighting for equal pay in Ohio and nationwide.

At the recent Rural Community Assistance Program conference in Columbus, Sherrod Brown was named the “Rural Champion of the Year.” The award highlights Sherrod’s rural development accomplishments as Senator. One of his most prominent successes was his fight to pass the Farm Bill, and the amendment he wrote to the bill that was ultimately included in its passage.