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Sherrod Brown and Ohio’s African American Community

Sherrod Brown has always been a friend to Ohio’s African American Community, and with too many Ohioans still looking for work, his leadership is needed now more than ever. Senator Brown is fighting attacks on voting rights, helping to expand health insurance access and increase federal student aid, working with local communities on abandoned foreclosures and combating child hunger. Senator Brown’s efforts have earned him a 100% rating from the NAACP.

Sherrod Brown Recommended The First Female African-American Judge To Serve In Ohio’s History.

Senator Brown successfully led the effort to confirm Judge Benita Y. Pearson as a federal district-court judge in Youngstown despite steadfast Republican opposition. The nomination was based on a recommendation from a commission that Senator Brown assembled.

Sherrod Brown Has Consistently Fought Against Attacks On Voting Rights.

Senator Brown has consistently voted against discriminatory voter ID laws and he has asked the Department of Justice to review voting laws that disenfranchise minorities. Senator Brown also helped lead the fight in Ohio to stop the voter suppression bill from becoming law and helped to force a statewide vote on the issue in 2012.

Sherrod Brown Has Fought To Expand Children’s Health Insurance And Increase Federal Student Aid.

Senator Brown voted for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program to dedicate $30 billion to expanding children’s access to quality healthcare. He also championed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act, which was the largest increase in federal funding for student aid since the G.I. Bill.

Sherrod Brown Supported Bipartisan Legislation To Reduce Recidivism.

Senator Brown cosponsored the bipartisan Second Chance Reauthorization Act to help successfully reintegrate ex-inmates into communities and reduce the rate of repeat offenders to strengthen communities and save tax dollars.

Sherrod Brown Is Helping To Redevelop Communities Suffering From Foreclosures.

Senator Brown is working with local communities and banks to address foreclosed properties that have been abandoned and are becoming blights in our communities. He has also introduced legislation to provide funding to cities to fight vacancies and home abandonments.

Sherrod Brown Is Fighting To Combat Child Hunger.

Senator Brown has introduced legislation to combat child hunger by expanding the free or reduced-price meals program for up to 150,000 Ohio students. For years he has championed summer-lunch programs that provide access to healthy food for low-income children during the summer months.

Senator Sherrod Brown Fought To Rescue The Auto Industry.

As a result of the auto rescue Senator Brown championed, Chrysler and General Motors are posting record profits, 1.45 million jobs were saved nationwide and nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs tied to the auto industry were protected.