Educators for Sherrod

Educators for Sherrod

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Sherrod Brown: Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With Ohio’s Educators

Senator Sherrod Brown is working every day in the Senate to fight for Ohio’s teachers. Most recently Senator Brown helped lead the fight in Ohio to ensure our teachers would continue to have the right to collectively bargain. Sen. Brown has also cosponsored legislation that would keep 400,000 teachers, police officers, and firefighters on the job and provide nearly $100 million to Ohio schools for renovations and improvements. Whether it’s connecting educators with Ohio business leaders to advance economic development or voting for the largest increase in federal student aid since the G.I. Bill, it’s clear that Sherrod Brown is fighting and delivering for Ohio’s teachers.

Sherrod Brown Stood Shoulder To Shoulder With Ohio’s Educators Against Senate Bill 5.

Sherrod Brown knows it wasn’t teachers who caused our state’s budget problems, and that’s why throughout the fight to repeal Senate Bill 5 he stood shoulder to shoulder with Ohio’s teachers. In Ohio Sen. Brown helped organize and rally Ohioans across the state to ensure that teachers and other public employees had the right to collectively bargain.

Senator Brown Has Delivered Crucial Funding For Ohio’s Teachers & Schools.

Throughout his time in the Senate Sherrod Brown has supported legislation that’s saved teacher jobs across the Ohio. Most recently Sen. Brown supported legislation which would help keep 400,000 public workers employed and voted to provide $35 billion in aid to state and local governments. A large portion of this funding went to ensuring teachers would keep their jobs or put recently laid off teachers back to work.

Senator Brown Introduced Job Creating Legislation To Repair & Renovate Our Nation’s Schools.

With a number of Ohio’s schools in need of significant repairs, Sen. Brown introduced the “Fix America’s Schools Today Act” which would create or save hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country and an estimated 12,800 in Ohio to renovate and repair schools across the state.

Senator Brown Is Working To Pair Educators With Business Leaders To Improve Ohio’s Economic Development.

Sen. Brown started the “Ohio College & University Presidents’ Conference” a first of its kind forum that connects educators with business leaders in Ohio to foster job growth tailored to growing industries by region.

Senator Brown Supported The Largest Increase In Federal Aid To Students Since The G.I. Bill & Expanded Pell Grants For College Students.

With college costs rising dramatically and interest rates for private loans often higher than 18 percent, Sen. Brown voted to cut government subsidies to student loan firms by $20 billion and redirect most of the money to aid for students and college graduates while at the same time reducing the federal deficit. The bill also provided debt forgiveness to certain public workers and capped student loan repayments at 15 percent of discretionary income. Sen. Brown’s vote resulted in the largest increase in federal aid to students since the G.I. bill.

To make school more affordable, Sen. Brown has also supported legislation to expand Pell grants for college students.