Hispanics for Sherrod

Hispanics for Sherrod

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Sherrod Brown: Fighting For Hispanic Families

Senator Sherrod Brown is fighting every day to make the United States a better place for the Hispanic community. Sherrod championed the auto rescue and other job creation efforts such as business incubators and increased funding for infrastructure projects. With the cost of college rising every year, Senator Brown has also worked to make college more affordable for our students, and is a supporter of the DREAM Act which would allow children of immigrant parents brought to the United States to stay if they have been admitted to a U.S. college or enlisted in the military and met other requirements. The Hispanic community knows Senator Sherrod Brown is on their side and will continue fighting for them.

Senator Sherrod Brown Is Championing Policies That Spur Job Creation And Expand Our Middle Class.

Senator Sherrod Brown has fought for policies to spur job creation across Ohio that benefit our families, such as the auto rescue, business incubators and increased funding for infrastructure projects.

When America’s automobile manufacturers had their backs against the wall, facing the looming threat of bankruptcy, Sherrod Brown fought to rescue General Motors and Chrysler, preventing the loss of 1.45 million American jobs. If not for his efforts, nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs tied to the auto industry could have been in jeopardy.

Senator Brown sponsored the Business Incubator Promotion Act, which would make more communities in Ohio eligible to receive funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration while helping existing incubators grow and expand. These incubators are helping to create thousands of jobs in Ohio and across the country.

A stalwart advocate for manufacturing and infrastructure jobs, Senator Brown has also promoted legislation that would create an infrastructure bank to help finance the rebuilding of highways bridges and projects here in Ohio.

Sen. Brown Voted For The Largest Increase In Student Aid Since The G.I. Bill. And Supported Legislation To Make Student Loans More Affordable.

With college costs rising dramatically and interest rates for private loans often higher than 18 percent, Sen. Brown voted to cut government subsidies to student loan firms by $20 billion and redirect most of the money to aid for students and college graduates while at the same time reducing the federal deficit. The bill also provided debt forgiveness to certain public workers and capped student loan repayments at 15 percent of discretionary income. Sen. Brown’s vote resulted in the largest increase in federal aid to students since the G.I. bill.

With federal student loan interest rates generally lower than private loans, Sen. Brown introduced the “Private Student Loan Debt Swap Act” that would allow students with private loans to switch over to federal loans.

Sen. Brown also cosponsored legislation to prevent federal Stafford loan interest rates from doubling to 6.8%.

To make school more affordable, Sen. Brown has also supported legislation to expand Pell grants for college students and fought against attempts to weaken student aid.

Senator Sherrod Brown Supports The DREAM Act.

Senator Brown voted in favor of the DREAM Act, which would allow children who were brought into the U.S. illegally through no fault of their own to be granted conditional non-immigrant status and allowed to stay if they have been admitted to a U.S. College or enlisted in the military, submitted a formal application and met other requirements. He also supports a path to citizenship for these children, who would be allowed to apply for permanent legal status after 10 years.