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Sherrod Brown: Fighting To Protect Our Seniors

Senator Sherrod Brown is fighting every day to protect our seniors and ensure that all Americans have the ability to retire with dignity and respect. He strongly opposes Republican efforts to privatize Social Security, and has repeatedly fought against efforts to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system that would result in increased costs for Ohio seniors. Senator Brown has championed legislation that allows seniors to purchase prescription drugs at a cheaper cost and has fought to maintain funding seniors depend on to keep winter heating costs low. Ohio’s Seniors have a friend and ally in Senator Sherrod Brown.

Senator Sherrod Brown Is Protecting Social Security & Medicare For Ohio’s Seniors.

Senator Brown has repeatedly fought against efforts to end Medicare as we know it, most recently voting against the Republicans’ 2011 budget that would have turned Medicare into a voucher program that would have drastically increased costs for seniors. Sen. Brown has also fought against GOP plans to privatize Social Security and is adamantly against raising the retirement age for beneficiaries.

When the Social Security Administration announced that there would be no cost-of-living adjustment in benefits, Sen. Brown pushed for a onetime payment to seniors to help offset the costs of prescription drugs, food, & other expenses. As Senator, Sherrod Brown has also introduced legislation so that Social Security benefits better reflect rising costs of living.

Senator Sherrod Brown Is Making Prescription Drugs More Affordable.

To make prescription drugs more affordable, Senator Brown voted for legislation allowing seniors to purchase safely imported medication at lower costs and sponsored bus trips for seniors to buy medication they need from cheaper, Canadian pharmacies. Sen. Brown also proposed legislation to allow generic biologic drugs to enter the marketplace more quickly, and his efforts have the support of the AARP.

Senator Sherrod Brown Is Fighting to Keep Down Heating Costs For Seniors.

Senator Brown fought against efforts to reallocate federal funding away from Ohio that helps low-income families and elderly Ohioans pay their home heating bills during winter.

Senator Brown Proposed Legislation That Would Stop Members Of Congress From Receiving Retirement Benefits Before The Rest Of America’s Seniors.

Sen. Brown proposed legislation that would tie the age Congress can receive federal retirement benefits to the Social Security Retirement age. Right now, members of Congress can receive federal pensions at 50 or 62 depending on how long they’ve served.

Senator Sherrod Brown Championed Legislation Benefitting Seniors Health Care.

Senator Brown championed legislation that makes annual wellness visits free, and various forms of preventive care available to Medicare recipients at no co pay and no deductible.

In addition to closing the “doughnut hole,” seniors who fall into the Medicare coverage gap before permanent closure now receive a 50 percent discount on their prescription drugs.