Our Energy Future

Our Energy Future

A smart energy policy is also a smart jobs policy — and Ohio is leading the nation. Sherrod has led the fight for our nation’s energy policy to focus on decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and creating manufacturing jobs.

Sherrod is a leading voice in Congress for policies to help manufacturers retool and expand their operations into clean energy production. He has consistently fought for tax credits to help Ohio’s manufacturers, which have created hundreds of jobs in Ohio, more than almost any other state.

Sherrod also introduced legislation that would create a revolving loan fund to help auto suppliers and other small and mid-sized manufacturers improve their long-term competitiveness and retool for the clean energy economy. To promote wind energy, Sherrod introduced a bill to encourage the development of the offshore wind energy sector.

Brown is now working closely with wind experts, developers, and universities in northern Ohio to help coordinate offshore wind research and development as well as to help implement efforts to build the first freshwater wind farm in Lake Erie. Brown is working closely with Ohio’s burgeoning offshore wind industry to ensure it has the full support of the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2016 he helped secure up to $50 million in federal funds to advance the construction of the wind farm in Lake Erie.

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