Ohio Jobs

Ohio Jobs

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. In no way is this more true than in the strength of our nation’s economy. We have emerged from the worst recession since the Great Depression, and our economy is on the mend. Ohio has had private sector job growth for months, but the rate of job growth is too slow to bring the unemployment rate down fast enough. Our work will not be done until the economy works for the middle class, which is why we must focus on pro-growth policies.

The Washington Post called Sherrod “Congress’ leading proponent of American manufacturing”

Sherrod believes Ohio and our nation’s economic strength and national security are drawn from a strong manufacturing base. When Sherrod was elected, manufacturing was a footnote in our nation’s economic policy. Its share of the economy shrank to just 11 percent while financial services ballooned to more than 25 percent. As a result, our economy suffered.

Sherrod knows that in order to revitalize our economy, we must grow our manufacturing sector. We must also pursue policies that reward hard work.

In the past few years, wages and benefits have stagnated or declined for American workers. Our workforce is producing more, but workers are earning less. When people earn less, they can’t pay their bills let alone save for retirement.

Sherrod has a plan to update our economic policies to reward hard work for all workers — whether you punch a time sheet, make a salary, or earn tips.

His plan includes:

  1. Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  2. Reducing the white collar overtime salary threshold.
  3. Requiring that employees earn a minimum of seven paid sick days a year.
  4. Giving workers a 12-week paid family and medical leave standard.
  5. Creating stronger penalties for “wage theft.”

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