National Security

National Security

Keeping this country and all of our families safe and secure is a top priority for Sherrod.

Sherrod with Master Sergeant Cynthia JonesThe first step in protecting this country is fighting for those who fight for us. As co-chair of the Senate Air Force Caucus, Sherrod is committed to providing the very best equipment for our service members and ensuring fair pay and benefits, especially in this time of budget austerity. And he’s working to give their families, who sacrifice so much, the benefits and tools they need to thrive.

Sherrod also believes that we need to take steps here at home. Making investments in clean energy technologies, for example, will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, which will in turn make us more stable and secure.

But it’s important to remember that we cannot trade in our values and civil rights in the name of a false sense of of security. Sherrod voted against the PATRIOT Act because it went too far, violating Americans’ constitutional rights. Similarly, travel bans that deny access to a single religion or those fleeing persecution go too far. They ignore our national values of inclusiveness and empower terrorists abroad, making us less safe instead of more.

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