Supporting the African American Community

“We have to defend the affirmation that black lives matter. In doing so, we acknowledge the disparity between African-American men and women and their white counterparts and the racism that deepens those discrepancies.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Fighting for Economic Justice

Sherrod believes hard work needs to pay off for every American. No one should be denied a fair shot because of their race or their gender. Today, too many are. Sherrod is fighting to close the wage gap that puts African-American women and men at a disadvantage. He is pushing to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, protect unions’ ability to organize and bargain, and end abusive practices like tip pooling, which allows employers to keep hard-earned dollars from their employees. Sherrod defends the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, because he knows we cannot close the wealth gap in our country without cracking down on payday lenders and banks that prey on the vulnerable.

Standing Up For Civil Rights

Sherrod is working to expand and protect the right to vote, and to break down barriers to exercising this fundamental right. As Secretary of State, he expanded access to voter registration materials and in Congress, he helped pass the National Voter Registration Act. In the Senate, Sherrod fights back against discriminatory efforts to disenfranchise millions of Americans. He co-sponsored legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act and opposes the “Voter ID” laws that make it harder for people of color, as well as seniors, students, and low-income people to vote.

Sherrod works to strengthen the civil rights of formerly incarcerated Americans by restoring the voting rights of those who have served their time and helping them find their way when they re-enter society. In 2015 and 2017, Sherrod introduced the Fair Chance Act to “ban the box” on federal government job applications. He co-sponsored the Second Chance Reauthorization Act, which invests in affordable housing and job training for the formerly incarcerated.

Committed to Environmental Justice

Building a more just country means ensuring every American has access to a safe and healthy environment. As part of his work to prevent disasters like the ones in Flint and Sebring, Sherrod introduced a law to invest in safe new water infrastructure and to require public officials to inform their communities if they find evidence of lead contamination.

Championing Education

No child should start out behind because of the school they attend. Sherrod is working to invest in our children’s future by expanding Head Start and updating our aging school buildings, creating safe, inclusive spaces for all students. He consistently calls for oversight for the charter schools that too often try to profit at the expense of our kids’ education.

Fighting for Representation

Sherrod knows that our institutions should look like the communities they serve. He helped confirm Judge Benita Y. Pearson, the first African-American woman ever to serve as a federal judge in Ohio. He and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) investigated the lack of diversity in the private sector and led Congress to propose fairer hiring practices. Sherrod works to make sure his team reflects the diversity of our country and our state — more than a quarter of his office staff identify as people of color and over 20 percent of his campaign team are African-American.

Sherrod supports President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative because it connects young men of color to teachers and mentors who look like them and share their experience, which makes a difference as they grow and learn. He has helped preserve historic sites, from a stop on the Underground Railroad to the homes of civil rights leaders, that make sure that Ohio’s struggle for justice is written into our national history.