Fighting for Agricultural and Rural Communities

“Our state’s farms are an important economic engine, and as we work together to move this economy forward, I will continue to fight for the needs of our farmers.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Advocating For Ohio Farmers

Sherrod understands the importance of Ohio’s farming communities—one in seven Ohio jobs depend on agriculture and more than half of Ohio’s land is used for farming. As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, he’s played a critical role in crafting comprehensive, bipartisan Farm Bills.

Sherrod travels across Ohio to hear directly from farmers and local stakeholders to effectively advocate for them in the Senate. He’s secured a number of legislative victories for Ohio farmers across multiple Farm Bills, including his approach to farm risk management, which Reuters called the “centerpiece” of the 2014 Farm Bill. Sherrod has held roundtables on rural development and farming across the state to ensure that Ohioans’ priorities are represented in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Sherrod has been recognized by a host of leading rural policy and agricultural groups, including the National Farmers Union, which has honored his tireless advocacy with the prestigious “Golden Triangle” award.

Spearheading Efforts For Ohio’s Rural Development

Sherrod fights to expand access to broadband for Ohio’s rural communities, securing more than $2.5 billion for underserved areas so they can compete and thrive in the 21st century.

Sherrod’s work has secured more than $150 million to advance critical rural development programs that support rural businesses, infrastructure projects, and communities in Ohio and across the country.

Protecting Healthcare For Rural Ohioans

Sherrod supports the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and has fought against repeal efforts that would hit rural communities hard. Ohioans living in rural communities have seen significantly expanded healthcare coverage under the ACA, and the already-shrinking pool of rural hospitals could suddenly become even smaller if repeal attempts succeed.

Sherrod continues to fight to give Ohio’s rural communities every possible tool and resource to fight the devastating opioid epidemic. He opposes the administration’s efforts to gut critical opioid and substance abuse programs, and has pressed the White House to give communities the necessary resources to combat this crisis. He led the passage of the bipartisan INTERDICT Act to help border agents intercept opioids as they enter the country and supports better education for doctors on addiction prevention and identification.

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