Ensuring Quality Education for our Children

“Every student deserves a community that supports their education. I’m troubled by the lack of oversight and transparency of many charter schools -- and will continue pushing for accountability. I will also keep up my efforts to bring critical resources to K-12 schools across Ohio, along with making higher education more accessible to every American.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Supporting Ohio Students

Sherrod’s record is proof of his commitment to Ohio students. He’s consistently voted to protect and expand Head Start and Early Head Start programs, spearheaded efforts for extra funding and staffing for Full-Service Community Schools, and defended federal funding for Ohio schools. He believes they should be pathways to opportunity for all students. He introduced legislation to address inequality in our public schools, and is a strong supporter of the My Brother’s Keeper program, a program launched by President Obama to mentor young African-American men.

Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With Ohio Educators

Ohio educators know that Sherrod has their backs. When Senate Bill 5 threatened to take away educators’ collective bargaining rights, Sherrod stood with teachers, firefighters, police officers, and organized labor to successfully overturn Ohio’s so-called “right-to-work” law. Sherrod has worked with teachers to make sure they’re paid the salaries and benefits they deserve. When teaching jobs were on the line, Sherrod rose to the challenge, fighting for funding to save and create jobs.

Holding Charter Schools Accountable

Oversight, transparency, and accountability are Sherrod’s focus for charter schools. When Sherrod called for additional oversight of Ohio’s charter schools, the Department of Education listened and announced it would only fund high-performing charter schools. Sherrod has also championed legislation to go after fraud and waste in charter schools by increasing community involvement and oversight.

Fighting For 21st-Century Schools

The discussion over infrastructure often ignores the declining state of our schools. Sherrod has introduced legislation that would repair, renovate, and build schools in Ohio and across the country, which would create almost two million jobs. He’s also proposed and helped pass a number of other proposals to bring much-needed aid to school facilities while creating good-paying jobs.

Working To End Bullying

No student should feel unsafe or unwelcome in their school. Sherrod is working to end bullying in the classroom and on the schoolyard. He has repeatedly co-sponsored the Safe Schools Improvement Act, which would require schools to adopt codes of conduct that prohibit bullying based on race, gender, ability, or nationality. Sherrod recognizes that some students are more vulnerable to bullying and discrimination than others. He has participated in the National Day of Silence and joined the “It Gets Better Project” to raise awareness of the bullying experienced by far too many LGBTQ students.


  • Ohio Education Association
  • Ohio Federation of Teachers
  • Ohio Association of Public School Employees
  • Toledo Federation of Teachers

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