Preserving Our Environment

“From protecting the Great Lakes from invasive species and toxic algal blooms to promoting a clean energy future, defending clean water and clean air is more important than ever.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Senator Brown Is A Fierce Defender Of Ohio’s Lakes And Waterways

Sherrod is a leader in defending Ohio’s lakes and waterways. Partnering with senators throughout the region, he’s championed the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to clean up and revitalize these vital water resources, and he joined Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) in a show of bipartisanship to vocally oppose the administration’s efforts to drastically reduce support for the project.

Sherrod knows the devastating effect algal blooms have on lakeshore communities. He has fought for more funding and pushed for more research to better understand their causes and consequences, to help develop new solutions. Partnering with Senator Portman, Sherrod has spearheaded legislation to coordinate federal, state, and local responses to combat Asian carp and other invasive species. The two have worked side by side across party lines to apply consistent pressure to ensure that the Army Corps of Engineers keeps the Cleveland Harbor and shipping channel clean.

Senator Brown Supports Clean Energy Innovation And Job Creation

Ohio has an opportunity to be at the forefront of our growing clean energy economy — that’s why Sherrod supports investing in a clean energy industry that will create good jobs for Ohioans. He’s fought for policies to give manufacturers the tools they need to not only adapt to a changing marketplace, but to shape it and lead it. In turn, strengthening this job-creating field will decrease our dependence on foreign oil and augment our national security.

Sherrod believes innovation across a diverse mix of energy sources is the best path toward a clean-energy economy. He’s supported policies to encourage investment in offshore wind energy, reached across the aisle to promote ethanol and biodiesel fuel, and championed carbon capture technology.

Senator Brown Fights For Environmental Protections

The health of our environment has a direct impact on the health of Ohioans. Sherrod has worked to protect our drinking water and is a strong proponent of increasing funding to prevent, monitor, and eliminate lead poisoning. He has also worked with Senator Portman to protect our water from microcystin, the byproduct of the algal blooms that created the 2014 water crisis in the Toledo area. Furthermore, Sherrod has spoken out against dangerous cuts to the federal budget that would make it nearly impossible to enforce clean air and water laws.

Senator Brown Has Strong Support From Environmental Groups

Sherrod’s record of stewardship and commitment to the environment has earned him a 93% lifetime score from the League Of Conservation Voters. His reelection has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund.

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