Strengthening Our National Security

“We must continue to vigorously enforce and strengthen sanctions against Russia, to send a message to its leaders and the world that the United States of America will not tolerate efforts to undermine democracy around the world.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Securing Critical National Defense Resources

Sherrod advocates for Ohio’s defense industry, which creates thousands of jobs in the state and provides important equipment to our military. He’s authored and secured numerous federal funding provisions for Ohio that bolster America’s security arsenal, including billions of dollars to Lima’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center for Abrams Tank and Stryker Vehicle manufacturing, and millions for C-130 upgrades at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

Sherrod also champions Ohio’s military installations, and brought sustained investment in jobs and research at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and major facility improvements to the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo to execute its Aerospace Control Alert mission.

Standing Tall Against Threats to America’s Security

Sherrod holds international bad actors accountable for their actions. As the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee, he helped broker the bipartisan comprehensive sanctions package designed to combat Russian, Iranian, and North Korean aggression.

Sherrod has repeatedly called for maintaining significant sanctions on Russia for their invasion of Ukraine, and has advocated for expanding Ukraine’s cybersecurity capacities. He’s consistently supported sanctions to pressure Iran into dissolving their nuclear weapons program, and voted in 2016 to extend Iranian sanctions for an additional 10 years.

Sherrod refuses to allow the North Korean regime to escape punishment for its unconscionable crimes and human rights violations. He introduced legislation to strengthen and expand sanctions, and championed efforts to redesignate the regime a “state sponsor of terrorism” following the death of Otto Warmbier.

Sherrod knows how important our international alliances are to global security and stability. That’s why he worked with Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) to pass a bipartisan affirmation of America’s commitment to NATO’s mission of collective defense.

Working to Defeat Foreign and Domestic Terrorism

Sherrod supports efforts to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism, including ensuring that law enforcement, national security, and other public safety agencies across Ohio have the resources they need to address these threats. He also worked closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement partners to combat domestic terrorism in the wake of the attack in Charlottesville.

Sherrod uses his leadership position on the Senate Banking Committee to work to defeat ISIS through financial sanctions, and supports efforts to combat homegrown recruitment and radicalization.

Supporting Key Allies Like Israel

Senator Sherrod Brown has an unassailable record of support for Israel — a nation he calls “our most important ally in the Middle East.” Since being elected to Congress, Sherrod has repeatedly supported aid to Israel and favored an aggressive stance towards terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and regional threats like Iran. For as long as he’s a U.S. Senator, Sherrod Brown will remain a stalwart ally of Israel.


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