Protecting Those Who Protect Us

“At a time when it may seem like not much is getting done in Washington, supporting the officers who put their lives on the line each day to protect us—and the families who sacrifice alongside them—is something we can come together on in a bipartisan way.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Fighting To Keep Ohio Safe

Sherrod is committed to addressing the public health and safety crisis that opioids pose to communities across Ohio. His bipartisan INTERDICT Act, which was signed into law by President Trump, gives law enforcement the tools to intercept opioids and block them from entering our country.

Sherrod is also working with Senator Portman on new legislation, the POWER Act, to give local law enforcement officers access to the same fentanyl detection equipment made available through Brown’s INTERDICT Act. This will not only help officers keep these drugs out of Ohio communities, it will also protect them from accidental overdoses on the job.

Sherrod regularly meets with law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and community leaders at roundtable events to help local stakeholders build coalitions and find solutions. He fights for victims of human trafficking, and supports the efforts of local, state, and federal law enforcement to root out this scourge. Inspired by retired Toledo FBI agents, Sherrod spearheaded the passage of additional funding for victims of human trafficking, with a special focus on help for high-risk runaway youth.

Supporting Those In The Line of Duty And Their Families

Sherrod is a loyal ally to law enforcement personnel and their families. When Ohio Senate Bill 5 threatened to strip public safety officers of their collective bargaining rights, Sherrod stood shoulder to shoulder with them and fought back. He knew the fight wasn’t just about wages and benefits—it was about the safety of first responders and their communities. Sherrod also worked to ensure that first responders and their families receive their full Social Security benefits.

Sherrod helped pass “Blue Alert” legislation to help apprehend criminals who committed crimes against on-duty law enforcement officers. He’s also backed measures to help the families of fallen or disabled officers, including providing vital mental health and wellness services for members of law enforcement.

Sherrod has supported numerous efforts to hire and train more officers, including the COPS hiring program that has allowed Ohio law enforcement to expand their force. Sherrod also worked to ensure that officers have access to the tools and equipment they need, including bulletproof vests, body cameras, new vehicles, and other innovative technologies.

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