Fighting for Seniors

“We have made promises to our seniors that we must honor – Medicare, Social Security, affordable prescription drugs. These men and women have worked their entire lives, taken care of their families, and they deserve a quality of life that reflects that.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

Where Sherrod Stands:

Protecting Social Security

Time and time again, Social Security has been attacked by Republicans who have tried to raise the retirement age and privatize the program. These misguided efforts would enrich Wall Street by risking Americans’ savings in the stock market. Sherrod’s position on these attacks is simple: no way. He has consistently voted and spoken out against any attempt to undermine Social Security benefits and deny Americans their hard-earned benefits.

Championing Affordable Healthcare

Sherrod believes seniors should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. He has worked throughout his career to protect and expand Medicare, helping beat back multiple assaults on this essential program and advocating to lower the eligibility age to 55. With the cost of prescription drugs on the rise, Sherrod has championed proposals to allow Medicare to directly negotiate prices and increase competition through generic alternatives. He is also fighting to pass legislation that would establish free preventive cancer and osteoporosis screenings under Medicare.

Reaching across the aisle, Sherrod has worked with Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) to introduce legislation to extend a critical healthcare tax deduction for seniors.

Keeping Promises, Fighting For Retirement Security

During the tax debate, Sherrod promised “a hell of a fight” if Republicans moved forward with their plans to penalize workers with certain retirement savings accounts. Republicans relented, and Sherrod protected millions of Americans from new taxes on the money they put away for retirement.

Sherrod has also introduced a bold plan to stabilize pension funds, whose beneficiaries, through no fault of their own, often face a gap between what they were promised and what they actually receive in retirement. Sherrod will not allow mismanagement by corporate executives and Wall Street fund managers to upend workers’ retirement plans, and he’s committed to making sure promises made are kept. Sherrod was named the co-chair of a bipartisan committee in Congress tasked with developing bipartisan solutions to the pension crisis.

Supporting Strong Consumer Protections For Seniors

Sherrod knows scammers and criminals specifically target seniors. That’s why he strongly supported the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) fight against all shady and illegal financial practices. No one is more dedicated to protecting seniors from financial predators than Senator Sherrod Brown.


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  • USW Organization of Active Retirees
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