Don't let the GOP abolish Medicare


Medicare is a lifeline for American seniors. It’s a fundamental statement of our values. And it’s among the proudest accomplishments in the history of the Democratic Party.

For almost half a century, the GOP has wanted to abolish Medicare — leaving seniors to fend for themselves in the private insurance market.

Mr. President, as a Democrat — and as an American — you can and must stop them.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the GOP plan to privatize Medicare would double out-of-pocket health care expenses for seniors the first year it kicks in, and things would get worse from there. And it would break the promise we make to Americans who work their whole lives paying into Medicare and who expect it to be there for them when they retire.

Mr. President, the Republicans will make one threat after another to get their way. They will even threaten the creditworthiness of our country. But giving in to their threats would be wrong. It would be a rejection of our shared Democratic values and a slap in the face to seniors who believe that our party will stand up for them.

So don’t give in. Stand strong. You were right to reject Medicare privatization in your remarks at George Washington University. Proposing to abolish Medicare shouldn’t be the start of a conversation–it should be the end. Until the GOP drops its plan to sacrifice our seniors’ health care in order to pay for more tax cuts for the rich, we have nothing to talk about.

Democrats created Medicare. Now it’s up to Democrats to save it. Now it’s up to you, Mr. President.


The Republican plan to abolish Medicare would be a disaster for seniors. They are convinced they’ll be able to push their plan through. But I know and you know that we can’t let that happen.

We need to make sure President Obama knows that we’re with him, and paying very close attention to these negotiations. So I’ve written a letter telling him that we will not abandon our seniors to the GOP and their ruthless schemes to appease an extreme faction of their fractured party.

Please, read my letter and add your name as a citizen co-signer today. Together, we’ll organize and ensure this Republican plan to end Medicare ends before it’s begun.

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