Demand Donald Trump Release his Taxes and Divest Himself Of All Conflicts of Interest

President Trump has not taken the proper steps to divest himself from any and all potential conflicts of interest. He hasn’t even released his tax returns. The head of the Office of Government Ethics has called Trump’s meager efforts “perplexing,” wholly inadequate,” and “meaningless.”

Donald Trump is the president now. The American people deserve to know where his loyalties lie. We deserve to see his tax returns and understand what his conflicts are. And we deserve to know that our president is working for us, not for his own interests.

So far, as president, Donald Trump has set up an administration ripe for corruption. It’s unacceptable.

Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Elizabeth Warren want to require the President to fully divest himself of all conflicts of interest. Stand with them and demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns and divest himself of all possible conflicts of interest.

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