Josh Mandel: "Lying, hiding, or just plain reckless?"

“It’s getting painful to watch a candidate for next year’s U.S. Senate race sink to such depths.”
Columbus Dispatch, 10/21/17

“Lying, hiding, or just plain reckless” isn’t a question you should have to ask about someone who holds statewide office — or someone running to be a U.S. Senator.

But after spending nearly $2 million in taxpayer funds to promote himself in television ads, this is exactly the question people are asking about Josh Mandel, Sherrod’s top opponent. His office couldn’t produce a single email or text discussing the strategy of the ad buys.

Mandel is “branding himself as the party’s untouchable for his tastelessness and opportunism,” according to the Columbus Dispatch.

We can’t allow this dishonesty and lack of transparency in our government or in this race. Sign on to stand with Sherrod and fight for accountability in government.