Tell Republicans: Stop Attacking Health Care

To American families, access to health care isn’t about politics.

It’s about being able to see a doctor when you’re sick. It’s about living without the fear that one major illness, or one trip to the hospital, could drive you into bankruptcy. It’s about being able to afford prescription drugs that, in many cases, save lives. It’s about security.

Thanks to the health care reform law, millions of Americans have gained that security. And ever since it passed, Congressional Republicans have been fighting tooth and nail to rip that security away.

Republicans have attempted more than 50 times to dismantle or defund the health care law. They’ve brought two cases to the Supreme Court to destroy it — and both times, they’ve failed.

Republicans should stop their relentless attacks on access to health care. Sign on to tell Republicans: Drop the politics and stop attacking Americans’ access to affordable care.

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