Tell Republicans: Leave Dodd-Frank Alone

Risky practices at some Big Banks drove our economy to the brink of collapse back in 2008. It cost the United States nearly $13 trillion in household wealth. We lost 5.5 million jobs.

It was one of the worst times in our history. Many families are still trying to recover. Yet Republicans in Congress are fighting to return to the policies that brought us the Great Recession in the first place.

Democrats passed the Dodd-Frank financial reforms to make sure what happened in 2008 can’t happen again. But right now, Republicans in Congress are attempting to water down the Dodd-Frank reforms, piece by piece. And they’re trying to hijack the must-pass spending bill to do it.

Tell Republicans: We can’t afford to go back to the failed policies that led to the Great Recession. Leave Dodd-Frank alone.

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